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tv   Today  NBC  October 10, 2015 2:07am-3:00am EDT

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from nbc news, this is "today", with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> our good friend andy cohen is here. >> what just happened? >> you people play it loose. are we prepared? are we on tv receipt now? >> we wish we could have rolled the last 20 seconds. >> i'm glad we didn't. >> are you running, we're sweating.
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>> i got to tell you something. i am wearing kathie lee's spanx, and they are so tight, and they smell like chardonnay. >> you are a freak. >> i am a freak. >> andy, hi. >> hi, hod. >> how are you? >> i am great. i'm a little tired. i host a live late night show. >> what time is that show on? >> it's on at 11:00 on bravo. it's live. and then we have a little birthday thing after the show. he loves mcdonald's, to which i am powerless. >> do you do the breakfast? >> we did breakfast and some burgers. so and i rolled in with you. >> what time did you get here? i didn't see you until five minutes ago. >> i wanted to keep it magical. >> keep it fresh?
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a song for us. they're giving us an oldie but goody. we're going to catch up with seth roggin. >> steve jobs. >> have you seen it? >> i was reading the review. it was one of those reviews that you can't tell if they love it or if they hated it. >> they say it was -- >> you didn't see it before interviewing him? >> no. they were editing up against the last day. >> that's not a good sign. >> but they did a good job. and as a treat to you, we brought your bestie. >> john benjamin is here. he has projects lined up like planes stacked up, ready to land at jfk. he has got two movies, big stone gap and truth. he is in a play that is supposed to be incredible that's opening at lincoln center in early november. and he is, you know, i launched
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incredible radio show, which is the flagship of radio andy. he interviews your favorite -- you get to know your favorite people by hearing about their favorite songs. >> andy does this thing, radio andy, this is what i started doing. you're on demand now. >> oh, good, yeah. >> i'm in the gym. and i clicked on the madonna interview the other day. >> good. >> she's not an easy interview. >> no, she's not. >> when she was talking to you, she gave you stuff. >> she gave me stuff. i'm a huge fan, as you know. i was prepared and nervous. >> and you had connie britton, it's a great show. >> 102, right next to howard, a couple notches below the "today" show. >> this is "watch what happens ". >> and last night. >> last night jules aaron, i
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hadn't seen her for like three years, and she made her return. i think we're good. she said she thought about me in temple this year, which makes me feel, okay. i don't know how to take that. but. >> we want to know what she said. we have something. >> i wasn't, i, it's so long ago it's hard to remember how i felt. but i'll tell you, and i want to say this. i miss her. and i want to make amends with her. we tried two years ago. listen, she's way moved on. i've way mov on. but there was something about us together that was really incredible. and i would like to make up with her. >> she does want to make up with bethany. >> what did bethany say? >> i haven't spoken to her. i feel like bethany thinks they're good. and they may not, and she doesn't want to >> by the way, she looks great. oh, my gosh. she lost weight, her hair looks awesome. >> excellent.
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>> i'm heading to minneapolis. me. anderson and i are on tour. and it's so fun. it's like going out and hanging out with anderson and i and having cocktails with us, we spilled the tea. i interviewed him about his career and life and thoughts. >> is he open? willing onion. he is so open in a way that people don't normally see. he's my buddy for 20 years. >> you guys are pals. >> and i just open him up like a flower, and i am very open as well, as you know. and then he, and then the audience interviews us. it's so fun. >> where in minneapolis? >> it's a couple hours, at the state theater in minneapolis tomorrow night. tickets still available. come hang out with us. >> i think it would be fun to hang out.
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you know who has decided to take a break? >> taylor swift. she says she's sick of herself. she said i think people might need a break from my. you know, she's been going non-stop with her 1989 world tour, and she wants to hang out with her friends and write new music and just hang out. which is great. she needs to recharge. my question is, if she's breaking up with herself, is she going to write a break-up song? don't you feel like ripping all the skin off your face, hanging it up and going in a cave? >> you do? >> i feel that way. i'm sick of myself. >> i do get, because taylor is on every day on the news, because she's got someone performing with her. you hear every instagram post, every twitter post. you talk a lot on instagram. >> i did. i just posted a super cute post
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>> kneel neil patrick harris has the cutest kids. >> they're super cute. what am i going to say? disasters? and you put an apology for me to read it. andy, just read this. that's what happened last time i was here. i haven't been asked to co-host in a couple years. >> i do remember that. >> take a look. this is what neil patrick harris shared on his facebook. >> good morning everybody. i'm here. it's breakfast time. we're about to go to school, right? >> da, da, da, da, da da da da, da, da, da. >> someone's excited for "star wars." ponies >> is that even a song? >> do, do, do do.
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>> i'm not done yet! >> hi cuckoo face. hi the book face. >> gay people having kids. >> would you ever adopt a kid? >> you would? >> yes. longer conversation. but by the way, i was looking at those cute kids, but i was actually looking past them at nice. >> the answer is no, you're not adopting kids. >> forgive me for looking at the sorry. are we playing a little game? >> let's play a game. line. i'm going to read a line. then i want you to guess because i know the answer. quote the kathie lee or you said about a headline in the news, or it's a real housewives tag line. >> how do you know the answer? >> because i know all the real housewives tag lines.
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>> housewives! >> they're getting baptized in a swimming pool. thank god for food in a bucket is what i like to say. >> me! i thought i did. you never know. >> you never know how strong you are until it's only choice you have. theresa giudice. >> how do you pronounce her last name? >> longer conversation, but check out theresa checks in, sunday night on bravo, three-episode series. i don't keep up with the joness, i nl the joness. >> who is it? >> nene leak. >> where is she? >> she's everywhere. i love nene leaks. she's a two-fisted drinker, she's a two-fisted everything. she could be a housewife, but it's kathie lee gifford. >> is that me? >> she said that about you, because you always have fun
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>> i don't ever have gifts. >> oh, oh, because you always have -- i started reading, oh, is this -- hold on. what? >> this was my line. before you said i always had fun gifts for my guest. we wanted to give you a gift. so what are they? oh. >> these are a little droopy. am i 90? excuse me. am i 90? and -- no, no, but i will take them up. i'm going to leave these for kathie lee. >> in her dressing room. >> we wanted to give you two of our favorite things together. wine and hot men. on social media. it's an instagram account. >> my favorite thing. >> shows men and wine or champagne. let's check it out. >> this is run by an italian lifestyle food and beverage website. >> seven.
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next, next, and next one. >> oh, no. >> seven. >> oh, nine. >> 9.5. >> one more? >> oh! >> that was before the vet two days ago. >> who walks your dog when you're at work? >> thankfully, i, me. but i have a great guy named sherman. >> who helps you. >> i co-parent with. >> i've never seen you love something like you love that dog. >> i do. >> that's crazy. >> it's try day friday? >> it is. we're going to try a couple things these are twinkies. >> don't tell me they screwed with my twinkies. because they did not need to be cocked around with. >> they did. they are now pumpkin spice twinkies. >> stop it with the pumpkin spice, white people! we get it! this is what we're trying on try
2:19 am
day friday? i got a feeling i already know the answer. >> go. no. don't screw with my twinkies. welcome to the -- >> we're coming back right after this, a nibble of this, a bite of that, we'll show you how all this mindless eating adds up. >> and my good friend, john beng benjamin hickey has come to play with us. >> after the break. try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. well, did you know that playing cards old pretty fast? to hold'em.
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he's a talented actor. right before we started, you said we're co-anchors. >> we are. >> request an emmy nomination under his belt. most importantly, he's andy cohen's bff. we had to break into your instagram. we've got your photos. >> the tony award.
2:23 am
he's john benjamin hickey. he's got so much going on. he's in the upcoming new movie "truth", and "big stone gap", plus your play opens next months. >> and the tv show. >> "manhattan", where he plays a physicist working on the world's first nuclear bomb, but he runs into a little trouble. take a look. >> wait a minute. i'm not supposed to be in here. hey. there's a misunderstanding. >> oh, my god, you are so good. hi. >> i am happy to be here. you have a lot of energ today. >> that's what we love. how about his twinkies. he was upset about the 2010kis. >> so "manhattan" a great show. you can't tell whether frank is a good guy or a bad guy.
2:24 am
>> he's a little bit of both. he's like a mass of contradictions, and he's doing all the right things for maybe not all of the right reasons. it's a story of men and women who built the first atomic bomb in los alamos, new mexico and everything we know about the world, surveillance, secrets, was all sort of born in this time and place, so it makes for explosive drama. >> how much of it is based on truth? >> so much of it is based on truth. but the characters at the center of the show are fictional. so it gives the writers an opportunity to kind of draw parallels to the world we live in now, which makes the show so exciting, it's like historical science fiction. >> did you know anything about the making of the atom bomb? >> how long have you known me? >> 25 years. >> do you think i knew anything about the nuclear -- >> do you know now? >> yes, i know a lot more than i did before. when you are an actor, you weren't paying attention to physics in high school. you were wondering about the
2:25 am
school play. >> how about "big stone gap ". he's a great writer, wrote the book. you went to big stone gap. >> we filmed it all there in the town where the story is set. that's me kissing ashley judd. >> what was that like? >> kissing ash lay ley is fantastic. i wanted to kiss her sister and her mom too. >> wynonna. >> i don't know about ashley, but the other two. >> she's wonderful. >> also we have to talk about "truth", which i saw the other night. it's spakts. john plays cate blanchett's husband, and it is the story of the downfall of dan rather, and it's incredible. and, you, again, are so conderful con wonderful. >> i loved playing her husband. and rather, you've known him for 25 years.
2:26 am
the alchemy of redford as rather is amazing. robert redford is playing you. so rather is thrilled with the movie. the movie is amazing. it asks so many hard questions about journalism and the world we live in now. and i thought rather loved how hard-hitting it was. and it's unsparing for everybody in it, and a brilliant, brilliant movie. >> we're going to play a little game, you two bffs. you have that game you play called "plead the fifth." i'm going to ask you questions you can answer or plead the fifth. we're going to start with you, andy. would you rather spend the day with each other or sarah jessica parker. >> we have a threesome? >> no, you have to pick. >> sarah. sarah. >> you're both going with sarah. >> andy, did a guest on your show ever hit on you. >> yes. every night. >> who? who? >> have you seen those bartenders he gets on?
2:27 am
>> they're there for my pleasure. you? yeah. >> who? >> can i plead the fifth? is this plead the fifth? >> what's the, okay. >> besides ashley judd? no. i'm just kidding. guest? >> i plead the fifth. >> who was your most difficult co-star, john? >> my most difficult co-star? i've already pled the fifth once. it was children. anybody under the age of 7. >> he hates kids. >> i do not. >> you can see "manhattan" tuesday on wgn. "truth" opens sunday. >> seth roggin's going to be up next. steve jobs coming up right after this. >> what do you do? seen is this, axe dry spray antiperspirant. why are you touching
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look, i took my shoe off. i wanted to show you this. we want to make sure that this will put a smile on your face. >> it's just what every male wants, a red sports car with his own personal driver, and little oliver loves being taken for a ride. >> let's check it out. >> is he driving you? >> the dog is driving. the dog is driving. >> oh. >> is the dog seriously driving? >> no. >> who's driving? >> maybe the dog is driving.
2:30 am
oliver! is the dog driving? that adorable. >> what just happened? >> that's daisy. >> well, daisy was driving, what? mom is steering it. she had a remote control. >> then why is it so amazing? it's not, no, it is, it's the cutest thing i've ever seen. >> seth rogen is up next.
2:31 am
it is try day friday. bravo's andy cohen is hanging out with me while kathie lee is away. you may want to check out one of the new films, it's "steve jobs". >> it's about one of our most fascinating innovators of all time, the founder of apple, who ideas. >> and take a look. >> apple, $1 billion. i doesn't know possible. i have three independent accountants try to explain it to me.
2:32 am
i started with the apple -- >> we're going to go back stage a moment. >> i started with the apple ii team because we don't make that anymore. >> just stop with art with the top guys. >> there are no top guys. there ra b players, and b players discourage the a players, and i want a players at apple and not dell. >> you are not b players. >> we are 90 days from insolvency. >> you get so mad just watching the clip. >> when you think of apple, do you think of steve jobs? and there is this other steve that plays a big, big part. and clearly you can tell by that clip their relationship was contentious at best. describe what that relationship is like. >> in real life it was
2:33 am
but everything is based on rea steve wozniak designed the original apple computer, and the apple ii is what financially supported apple for decades, and steve jobs really didn't like that computer or have anything to do with designing it and was so very resentful towards it and refused to acknowledge publicly that it was in any way instrumental to apple's success. and since it was pretty much wozniak's entire legacy, that obviously frustrated him. >> playing this role, you know that steve wozniak will be watching this. did you get to meet him? >> yeah. >> what did you glean from him? >> he's a very sweet, loveable, warm person. that's one thing i tried to inject in the character. there was a lot of friction in the movie, a lot of people yelling at each other. i thought it would be nice if one guy was nice. and his passion for technology was unlike anything i have ever
2:34 am
seen. the way he would talk about it, i've never seen someone talk about a computer the way he talked about a computer. >> did you connect, would of have gone out and had a drink with him? was he a fun kind of guy? >> yeah, we hung out, we went to dinner. he's very friendly, got amazing stories. >> now aaron sorkin did a lot of writing. >> we're used to that pace, that crazy pace. is that the kind of pace that we're going to see in this? >> yeah, the movie feels like an action movie with people talking. it's really incredible how they were able to pull it off. it was, as someone who makes movies, i was blown away when i saw the finished project. it is something achieving such a high level of difficulty that it's incredibly frustrating for me to watch because i know i won't myself be able to achieve it. but yeah, it's an incredibly thrilling, heart-pounding movie, which is amazing because it's mostly people talking to each other.
2:35 am
>> there has been a movie about steve jobs that came out a few years ago, a documentary. why do you think people will want to see this one? >> obviously, i was not interested in steve jobs at allmovie. i thought about the guy who made my phone the same way i thought about the guy who made my glasses or my shoes. it's one of the best scripts. if it was fictional, it would be an exciting movie to watch. even if you don't care at all about steve jobs, it's a really fun movie to watch. >> come back to see us like i >> sure. >> all right, you can catch steve jobs in theaters today. get ready to find out what hurts the most when rascal flatts sings one of their biggest songs. >> crazy.
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if you've seen "watch what happens live", you know andy likes to play a lot of games with his guests. we're playing one called bite sized calories. >> here to explain what the game is all about is ms. madeline fernstrom. hey, girl. >> what we're doing is, it's not a meal, it's not a snack but little nibbles that we grab all day long. i'm going to quiz you on some of the popular ones. i'm going to give you, read a question, give you three possible answers. buzz in when you know the answer. who doesn't love to go to a
2:38 am
diner and get pancakes while you're sitting there with your oatmeal. >> what's the question? >> i'm sorry, i was eating. >> no, the little nibble. >> big chunk of pancake with a little syrup. does that have 20, 40 or 60 calories? >> 60 calories! >> you're right. you could have a cup of fruit, a half a piece of cinnamon toast. >> butter on top is worse. okay we're ready. >> now you've got the hang of it. it's measley, one little strip of bacon, 25, 45 or 65 calories? >> i got that. 65 calories. [ buzz ] >> you would be wrong. >> the second one. >> 45 calories. you would be right. >> the second one. you're 2-2. that's good. >> that's 45 calories? >> you could have --
2:39 am
>> it doesn't look like much on a whole plate. now we have alex coming back with a crust from half of a grilled cheese sandwich. >> just the crust? >> it's just the crust. does it have 30, 60 or 90 calories, just the crust. >> 90! [ buzz ] >> 60! >> you would be right. >> but that looks like a lot of the sandwich. >> we're talking about the crist and a little bit of cheese. next we have, who doesn't like this nutella, that chocolate, hazelnut spread. just a spoonful. >> a little spoonful, 15, 30calories. >> i think it would be 30. >> you would be wrong. >> hoda? >> 40! >> only 40. you can have three slices of
2:40 am
you know, with some coco, maybe not the >> one piece of pizza crust. just the crust. just the crust. >> 50! >> and you'd be right! >> how did you get that? >> it's just the crust. >> alex is gaining -- >> and. >> i don't eat the prop food. good. >> i know andy likes these. french fries. 40, 60 or 80. with a little catsup. >> 60. >> no, andy! >> hoda! >> because of the catsup, it's definitely 80. >> you would be right. >> that's horrible. >> that was a tougher question. >> is this the last one coming up?
2:41 am
this is the tiebreaker. >> brownie batter. you're going to take a little lick of that bowl. >> you know i'm working out in an hour. you've got to try this. >> 40, 60 or 80 calories? >> 30! >> no! >> oh, no! >> 60! >> yes! >> i won the game! where's the prize? >> and if you did just one of these every day for a whole year, you'd gain six pounds. >> it is a scale. >> oh, no. what a downer! >> this is a good prize. >> it's a really nice scale for hoda. no, i'm going to leave it for kathie lee in her dressing room. >> she'll love that. >> for more on calories, go to ask. klg and
2:42 am
it's the final countdown! the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. now there's a new way to stay tru to your health. new trubiotics with immune support advantage. this advanced formula combines probiotics with the power of antioxidants to support your immune health in two ways. trubiotics from one a day. we're all familiar with this, axe daily fragrances. but what you wouldn't have seen is this, axe dry spray antiperspirant. why are you touching your armpit? i was just checking to see if it's dry. don't, that's weird. the first ever dry spray
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they have the top-selling country group of the past decade and they're still running hot. >> they have cranked out 15 number-one hits. >> their latest album is called "rekind "rewind "sprks and that "rewind" and that's exactly what they're doing now with "what hurts the most." i can take a rain on the roof of this house that doesn't bother me i'm not afraid to cry every once in a while even going off with your love
2:44 am
i pretend that i'm okay because i can knock against me what hurts the most was so in love and having so much to say but i'm watching you walk a away and never knowing what could have been and i feel like lovin' you is what i am tryin' to do oh, i thought it was, baby but with the pain of losing you everywhere i go but i'm doing it i see old friends and i'm alone keeping up living with this regret
2:45 am
but i know if i can do it over i would trade, give away all the words that i save in my heart what hurts the most was being so in love and having so much to say oh, but i'm watching you walk away and never knowin' what could have been not seeing that love in you is what i was trying to do yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
2:46 am
and what hurts the most was being so close and having so much to say but watching you walk away and never knowin' what could have been and not seeing that love in you is what i'm trying to do oh, that's what i was tryin' to do ooh, ooh >>rascal flatts! we'll be back with more of
2:47 am
how fun is andy cohen? how fun? facebook loves you as usual. thank you for coming and hanging with us. >> any plans for the weekend? >> i am going on a secret trip that i can't reveal. >> i'm going to minneapolis. come see anderson and me at the state theater. >> is it going to be fun? you don't know. >> next week we have taylor kinney, gabrielle
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